Lesser Amberjack (Seriola fasciata)

Lesser Amberjack (Seriola fasciata)

The lesser amberjack is the smallest amberjack, seldom encountered by, and relatively unknown to, anglers.


The lesser amberjack has an olive-green or brownish back above the lateral line and is silver below the lateral line. A dark olive-brown diagonal stripe extends from the mouth across both eyes to about the first dorsal fin. It is very similar in appearance to the greater amberjack but has a deeper body profile, proportionately larger eyes, and eight spines in the first dorsal fin.


Reports on the size of this species vary markedly, from up to 12 inches in length to under 10 pounds.

Food and feeding habits

Lesser amberjack feed on fish and squid.

Other Names

amberjack, jack; French: sériole babianc; Spanish: medregal listado.


In the western Atlantic, the lesser amberjack ranges from Massachusetts to Brazil.


Lesser amberjack are believed to live deeper than do other amberjack, commonly in water from 180 to 410 feet deep, and to spawn in offshore waters.